Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun and Done QAYG YouTube video

I'm not sure if this is going to work, but I have everything crossed. I love the simplicity and speed of this method and the fact that there's no hand sewing (lol) and it's all quilted and ready to be used (unless you're going to wash it that is) the minute you stitch the last stitch. Gonna have a go at making one of these....I don't have the ruler she uses, and have had a quick squizz on the net for one, but it proved too hard so I've given up and will just 'wing it' lol

Stay tuned to see how I go, as I'll post progress pics when I do try it.


  1. Gosh you will have to let us know how this goes Naomi, looks good, so no luck tracking down the ruler yet?
    hugs Diana

  2. Not for the price that's being asked...when I can just do what was mentioned on the quilting board...I'd kind of already worked that out, after I'd asked Raelene to cut a hole in a square for me, and she looked at me with a blank expression on her Then you found the link about it on the Quilting Board and I would've been pulling my hair out because I was thinking the batting had to go in 2" all round!

    I'll be making some of these up FOR SURE....AHQ needs more quilts and this would be a great one to do I think, and I won't have to rely on anyone quilting it for me.


  3. Looks good! Was shown how to do the quilt as you go method down in Tassie this past weekend. Love it!

  4. Oh, thank you Naomi for sharing this video!
    What an easy and clever way to make strip
    quilts that are quilted and done as they're pieced!
    I want to sit down with some strips and
    give this a try this afternoon!
    Thanks, again!
    Carol in Fair Oaks, CA


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