Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fabric Donations received

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, check out all the fabrics I recently got for use in Aussie Hero Quilts for our Aussie Soldiers serving overseas, in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq etc.  If you know of any troops, currently overseas, that haven't heard of Aussie Hero Quilts, and the fact that they can contact Jan-Maree and ask for quilts to be sent to them, please put them in touch with the blog or Jan-Maree....the more that know about it, the better.

The first 5 pics are fabrics that I went and picked up at Berri Uniting Church "Refresh & Bloom" group last Wednesday.  I spoke with Helen a week or so before then at my regular quilting group and asked if they would be interested in making some quilts for the soldiers.  (The last charity quilts they did, were for the Queensland flood victims last year)  Helen took the information I had printed off (I can be quite the good little girl scout when I want to be!) and mentioned to me that she'd purchased a whole bunch of fabrics, and that there were plaids amongst it if I could use some?  Me, need 'blokey' fabric....heck yes I made arrangements to go pick it up.  She also had some fabric for sale, but that's not what this post is about.

 Look at all those great plaids, won't they look great in quilts for our guys???  At the bottom of that pile, is a dark pink check and also pale grey fabrics (see below)
I plan on using the grey for binding guy quilts (and if I use it all, Helen has kindly said I can go get more of the grey....if there's any left!) and the check fabric, I plan to use for some QAYG 'girlie' quilts.  There's a few metres of the grey but heaps and heaps, in fact almost a full bolt of the pink check.
The bottom fabric in the above pic, black and white spot is quite a large piece also, which teamed with some solid fabrics, such as red or green or blue will make nice cheery quilts don't you think?
 This "Paris" fabric will be great on 'girly' quilts don't ya think?
 And I couldn't resist grabbing the veggie fabric, it'll make a great quilt for someone who's missing his vegie patch at home hey? lol
I also want to say a big thank you to Marion B in WA who very kindly sent me the fq you see above, with the Aussie wildlife on it...which will be utilised in a few different quilts so it goes further.

A while ago, I purchased some fabric for use in AHQ projects, and after discussion with the seller (Linda F) she very kindly crammed the flat rate envelope with fabrics for me to her donation to our service men and women....wasn't that kind of her?  Here's a couple of pics of the bag she sent, and also the fabrics laid out on my cutting mat.  Thanks heaps Linda xxx


  1. What a fabulous boost to your AHQ sewing stash! I can't wait to see what comes out of your sewing room from this - big thanks to all the lovely ladies that donated and big hug to you for all your efforts.

  2. Wow what fantastic fabrics. Can't wait to see the projects you make with them.

  3. Oh wow, this is fantastic!! My husband was the start of Aussie Hero Quilts, thanks to the fantastic Jan-Maree who asked if she could do anything for his soldiers, i said 'laundry bags' & of course, she well over & beyond with amazing sewing. He's just home, another deployment over but the quilts keep flowing & the morale they bring to the soldiers is incredible. Plenty of these boys don't have family to send them anything, at all, so the love & care put into these quilts is absolutely heart warming. Thanks so much for your contributions, love Posie

  4. Just waiting on your command so lead on and tell me what to stitch so that our soldiers will have even more to be excited about.
    Quilty hugs


  5. Would you believe, I also have a huge stash of tartan/plaid fabrics! They were given to me by a friend whose mother was getting rid of her stash of fabrics that included brushed cotton for her husband's shirts (she used to make all the family's clothes). I've been making 'mens' quilt tops for OzComfort Quilts, but will now make some for Aussie Heroes as well.


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