Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another blog post that tickled my sense of humour

I have a pretty warped sense of humour at the best of times, but it's great when I find other people who too share the same streak, whether it be full strength, or just a mild case of it.  This blog post caught my eye a couple of days ago, and I just had to share it with you.  More so where it refers to reality shows about quilters though....those who know me and my wonderful filing system for my fabric can vouch for me here....Fabric Hoarders would have nightmares for years if they came in here to do their 'thang' lol  And just so you too can share it what would be their horror, here's a pic of just one tiny section of my 'filing system'

Just under the top lot, is supposed to be my ironing board, check out the crazy filing system going on underneath it....newer fabric acquisitions have been making that their new home it seems....the shelf unit that is actually behind where the ironing board lives is normally full, but I kind of upset that system a few days ago, trying to find a few more fabrics for the Jelly Roll Race quilt trials, or should I say, the warm up laps? lol

The really sad, sad part of this, is that whilst I'm slightly ashamed to share a pics of my slothenly (such a word??) tidiness, I'm not ashamed enough to do anything about it....maybe I'll just use it all and make room for more bahahahaha

On that note, now that all your retinas' have been scarred mentally, I'll say ciao for now


  1. Oh Naomi you have once again given me a huge laugh. Love seeing creative chaos just like in my stitching cave. Loved the link....what a hoot. I want to watch one of those shows. Lol!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I look at this lot and say, Yummy! I love all that wonderful pop of colours

  3. LOL I'm so glad I'm not the only SLOTH when it comes to keeping me stash tiday!

  4. Hey!! When did you sneak into my craft room and take that pic??

    No seriously, that really looks like my pile of fabric - except I keep mine all hidden(?) in the bags given to me when I shop, so I have bags of fabric under the ironing board, on shelves, in the wardrobe, in the book case, on the floor in front of the book case. Need I go on??


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