Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some blocks I've been playing with

I was going to say I had some fun today with some blocks, but as it's now just after 1am on Saturday morning, I had fun yesterday and the start of today lol

I signed up for a Sampler BOM this year in the Craft Forum (see my right hand side bar for the forum link), and ashamedly, I fell behind a few months ago, but I got a reprieve, the blocks had to be completed by the end of this month, PHEW!

In no particular order (bear in mind they're actually July, August, September and October blocks), as I can't remember which was which month!

The Pinwheel block

And because I'm pretty dang proud of how well the points in the centre lines up, here's a closer look at them.

Next we have the Turn About block

Next is the Broken Dishes block
Lastly, it's the Weather Vane block
As I constructed (pieced if the Quilt Police are reading this post!) the block, I mentioned to Sharina (from next door) that I didn't know why they didn't do flying geese instead of HST's on it, so once I'd finished the other blocks, I went back to the cutting mat, and cut myself some more of the required fabrics for another one, except this time, I made flying geese for the outer centre sections, and here's what I did with them as I was sewing it together.....what do you think?  Does anyone know if it's got a name?  If not, I lay claim to "The Gothic Weathervane Block" lol

I think it would look even more stunning in different colours, especially the corner blocks...yay or nay to the block in general????  I like it, and I guess that's the main thing isn't it?


  1. Naomi, those blocks are just beautiful love them all. I really love the last one just beautiful.

  2. You did an excellent job on your blocks they're all so pretty but the last one is unusual with the curved edges. Love it.


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