Saturday, October 6, 2012

My garden

 My friend Grant gave me this rose bush a while back, and I think I've popped photos of the roses on it up before, but this year, they are a much deeper colour, and check out how many are on it?  I think I counted 14, but one got eaten by bugs, mongrels!
Closer view so you can see how deep the colouring is on them....pity they're not heavily scented.
My Lavender bush that's gone rogue and forgotten that it's not meant to flower all year round!  I've had a constant array of flowers on this bush that has grown like wildfire in the last twelve months, since I rescued it from the supermarket!
My friends (yes I do have a couple!) came to visit me a month or so ago, and bought two carnation plants with them, one was for me, and one was for 'her next door'.  Mine's been transplanted into this pot from it's original home, and the other one is planted in our driveway garden (ie the strip garden along side the driveway, not actually in the driveway) between our house and Sharina's, as she thinks she's got a black thumb and would kill it.  Apparently the carnations knew this, as mine is still growing like crazy, and hers is very slow off the mark....even though I tend to it the same as I do  I can't wait for them to flower, so I can share a pic of it....Terri showed me a pic of her carnation (where mine was struck from) and they are very pretty....and they couldn't have given me a better flowering plant, carnations are my favourite!


  1. I love the colour of the rose and wish I could grow lavender like yours.

  2. So pretty. Lavender is my favourite flower. I've tried growing it from seed but with no success. You're so lucky.


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