Monday, October 15, 2012

Why oh why????? A plea/shout out to any Aussie Fabric Designers

I was having my usual flit around on the net this evening, and stumbled across this lovely blog, with all sorts of eye candy on it....and back in September, she posted a pic of a quilt she made for her nephew, who is serving in the American Navy.....I won't share the pic of the front of the quilt, but I will share a pic of the back of it,

mainly because I want to know why there's no Aussie fabric like this?  Any Aussie Designers (preferably, but if a designer from another country would like to help out, I'm happy for that to occur) who think they could come up with something similar but saying Australian or Aussie Hero on it.....I know a WHOLE bunch of quilters who would probably snap it up before it even hit the Friends of AHQ all know you'd buy it don't you???? lol  I know I would, and I'm pretty sure Jan-Maree would....and we wouldn't be alone.

If I could afford it, and had the talent to design it, I'd be heading straight to Spoonflower to get some made up.  Oh why didn't I pay attention in art, or learn more about design, oh and I guess the most important one, why aren't I rich (apart from the fact that I have a fabric addiction to feed!)? lol

Sigh, guess I'll just have to hope that some clever person can do this on behalf of all the Aussie Heroes who are proudly serving our country overseas at the moment. 


  1. Nome, you made me laugh! I was scrolling through Google reader and thought "Hey, that photo looks familiar!" I hope an Aussie designer gets the hint and designs a similar fabric, as I know there are lots of Australian heroes, too!

  2. There is none for the same reason that people don't say thank you to our military, emergency personnel, nurses etc.... Aussies as a general rule aren't so great at the patriotic stuff a.d. the Americans have it down pat. For the .whatever stuff out there about America this is an area that we could learn from them in.

  3. I hope that a designer takes the hint and we get some fabric like that one from America. Great idea.


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