Friday, October 12, 2012

Black & White bag swap

Hi De Hi (this only makes sense if you ever saw the UK TV Show lol) Campers!

A while ago, I signed up to participate in the Black & White bag swap, run by my blog friend, Chez, as part of her "Let's Exchange" swap programme.  Click HERE if you'd like to find out more about it.  For the bag swap, you were to make a bag from Black & White fabric and include a 'smelly' item....all those that like fart jokes, pulllleeeeeez don't go there ok?

I was partnered up with the lovely Pauline in the UK.  To see her blog, just click on her name over on the left, well now it's on the line above, but you get what I mean don't you?

Now a post wouldn't be written by me if I didn't bore you senseless before sharing the goodies pics would it?  Are you bored enough yet?  Have you come back from checking out the swap programme and/or Paulines blog yet?  Yooooooooooo Whooooooooo, Come back, there's an echo, echo, echo in here!  Oh good, you heard me, alrighty, are we sitting'll need to hold onto your false teeth for these pics....this bag is fantastic, and your jaw might drop in amazement, and I don't want to be responsible for any resultant dentist bills lol

 This is side one or two, not sure which I maybe I'll just call them the white side and the black (back tee hee hee) side.
 The other side! Ha, bet you thought I was going to say the backside hey? Tricked ya!

Then Pauline made me a matching pouch....and it's quite a big pouch, which is good as I love to carry heaps of 'crap' with me when I go anywhere...I actually feel naked without all my 'stuff' might sound a bit nicer than crap, and stop you all thinking that I carry the other type of 'crap' around with me!

 A close up of the two cute zip pull is a beaded pale blue butterfly, and the other is a ball of wool and some knitting needles....cute huh?

Then she sent me some purple organza type fabric and inside that were these two wee bars of Lavender soap (great for when I go away anywhere) and some Lavender bath gel.  Won't I smell pretty?

Thanks heaps for being a great swap partner Pauline...I love my bag to bits.

Now here's a pic of what I sent to her:

Ok the top three pics are the mug bag which is a free pattern that you can download HERE.  (scroll down a fair way to find the pdf downloads - there's 5 of them to grab, but don't panic, they're only one page each)  I must seem like such a scab, because the bag is actually also a free pattern, which you can find HERE.  Oh and just FYI I consider myself frugal not a scab!

Pauline has a post on her blog saying she liked her bag...wish I'd done something other than a bit of pocket trim after receiving my gorgeous embroidered bag from her.....sorry Pauline.


  1. I am so on board with frugal, besides how unloved would all those bloggers who freely give their patterns and tutes feel if we didn't use them, huh? Hmm, see feel better now don't you? The bags are simply too gorgeous for words, how excellent that you both did two!!

  2. Lucky you that is a special bag you received complete with some fabric in your fave colour.

    Enjoy using your new bags for all your essentials.


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