Thursday, July 17, 2014

Healing Heart quilt finished

Following on from yesterdays post, here are the pics of the completed Healing Heart Quilt for my friend Pat at Lake Bonney Quilting group.  She was presented with the quilt yesterday, and was overwhelmed to put it mildly.

As you may all know, healing heart blocks are made by several people and then joined together, either by the recipient, or, as in the case of this quilt, by one of the quilters (OMG, did I just clasify myself as a quilter? lol) who made a block.

 As I mentioned yesterday (at least I think I did), I put the blocks together using fancy quilting, I just quilted around the hearts on the blocks.
 Above, is the label for the quilt, which I put on the front (which is kind of my trademark if you've seen the Aussie Hero Quilts I've made) as we were one block short to make an even amount, and I didn't want to relegate 3 peoples' blocks to the back of the quilt!  Talking of the back of the quilt, there's a bit of a story attached to that.....I cut up the red check patterned fabric into squares to use as backing, and ended up being a couple short......grrrrrrrrrrrr so what was a gal to do, but go find another fabric in her stash to mix with it......I think the red blender fabric works well with it, and as you can see in the pic below, makes a great secondary quilt should Pat ever want the hearty hugs closer to her.
Now, I'm all for finding techniques on the net and trying them out, and the binding on Pats' quilt was one of those times.....I tried and tried to see how THIS technique would work out in my mind, and then just decided I would have to try cut, sew, attach, 7-8 hours of hand stitching the binding down and voila.....two sided binding technique......check  It's amazing how it turned out, even if I do say so sections where the dividing seam wasn't on the edge of the quilt and I highly recommend the tutorial to anyone who is looking for a binding that's a little bit different.  If you want to try it out yourself, click the above link to the tutorial.
So, there you have it.....another quilt made and gifted to someone in need.  I think those types of quilts are the best, coz you get the warm fuzzies when you see the delight on the recipients' face, or get a note/email saying how receiving the quilt made them feel.  I love that feeling.


  1. Absolutely love it! thanks for the binding link too. I will have to give this one a go too!

  2. Good morning Naomi. The 'Healing Heart quilt' is wonderful. You definitely made someone smile with your gift...a fuzzie feeling for sure!! Enjoy your day, Pauline

  3. That really is a special quilt and you actually sewed the binding by hand. That's more impressive than me not using pins on my quilt LOLL


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