Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some more pics to share

I found some more pics to share with you....My bestie happens to also like the colour purple and owls.....and caused a scene just recently when I made myself an owl pillow (must take pics of mine lol) so as a surprise, I made her this one.

I couldn't resist taking a close up of her hooties eye I think it looks sooooo cute, right?

Next up, is some pics of a pouch I made for my besties' sister, Angela for her birthday...I designed it as I went...what do you think of it???

On the plus side, Angela, who can be just a little bit fussy at times (if you make/give her something and she says "nice" be assured that she's not keen on it lol) loved it...PHEW....she also got the box of Peanut M&M's under the pouch coz she loves M&M's and collect their fact, I helped Terri with an M&M wallhanging for Ange's birthday.  Will grab a pic off Terri so you can see what a great job she did of it.

I am still going through pics so there maybe more posts on the horizon.

Oh, and while I still have your attention, Aussie Hero Quilts could really do with some more Aussie Hero Friends....if you would like to assist them, please either email Jan-Maree by clicking here, or head on over to the Aussie Hero blog and find out how to get involved.  Please note, all the AHQ links are to different posts on the blog *smiles*


  1. Sounds like you are having a hoot of a day.... love the owl so you and the bag together with the choice of fabric is gorgeous

  2. Cute owl and the bag looks great. Love the fabric.

  3. Cute owl and love your clutch. You know I should have tested that for you LOLLL


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