Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dolphin Shower Bag

My good friend Chrissy is going into hospital on 6th May....and has struggled to find a shower bag (I still call them sponge bags - but apparently that's old school now! lol) that she, knowing how she loves DOLPHINS...I decided to make her one. I quilted the fabric first....nightmare - long story too! - but I finally managed it...after lots of words that would cost me a fortune in a swear jar! Then I backed the quilted piece with some pale blue plastic I had.

If I'd had a little more time, I would've made a totally different bag so that the dolphins were the right way up, but at least I didn't sew them on the inside of the plastic...which, knowing me, was a vague possibility! lol In the pic, it's a little hard to define the plastic, but trust me, it's like a shower curtain type of plastic, so whilst it won't waterproof the inside, its not going to matter if she puts a damp face cloth in there, if she needs to.

I'm going to be giving her the bag tomorrow...and I'll let you know what she thought of it.



  1. Oooooooh, your friend is going to LOVE it! I just know she will. What a special and thoughtful friend you are :)

  2. I simply must meet have got to be the craziest person to know, Naomi.....lucky you didn't sew the dolphins inside indeed! lol....rofl! crazy, I love the zippered shower bag!

  3. love the bag...your friend is blessed to have a friend like you!

  4. love clever thing


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