Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ott Light special offer for Aussie crafters

I'm doing a friend a favour and putting these lights for sale on my blog.....these retail for $130+ and as a special offer, Sandy has agreed to offer them for $65.00 AUD + Postage....or if you're in Adelaide, a pick up/drop off is a possibility. The ones I have here for sale are all grey, however, if you're quick, she may still have a pink and a blue one. If you're interested, please email me to arrange payment/postage.

***Please note, there's only one light left.....hurry so you don't miss out***



  1. Sadly I can't get one... I crashed me car AGAIN and have to cough up the excess soon... *sniff*
    Female drivers.. I tell ya! lol

  2. Oh I'd love one, but paying a mortgage off on a disability pension ...doesn't leave much left over for lovelies like this.


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