Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Melissa is hosting a Q.A.T.B swap

Morning peoples, just thought I'd share with you about a swap my DQ (Dag Quad...long story!) pal in USA is hosting. I, yes wittle old me, was the inspiration for the name of the swap, so how could I not go sign up hey? I'm sure it'll be a fun swap....and you get to choose what theme your blocks are. Anyway, I won't prattle on about it here, Melissa explains it very well on her blog, so click here to GO! over and read about it and decide if you too would like to sign up. GO! on, you know you really want to...lol Sign ups are until 22nd August 2010.

As I once read it wasn't good blog-etiquette to have a post without pictures, I popped in the gratuitous cute kitty shot...lol Only to show that I do as I'm told.....some of the time...hee hee hee



  1. HAHAHAHA And such a cute kitty too.

  2. Oh, Naomi! You are such a Dag!!! LOL! Thanks for the plug and glad to have you on board!!

  3. You're most welcome Melissa. Hugs Naomi


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