Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Mystery Challenge I found

Recently I joined up a craft forum, called OurCraftForum, which you can join too, by either clicking on the button in my sidebar, or just above where it says the forums' name. When I was perusing the forum, I noticed there was a thread called "Mini Mystery Challenge". Had to read about that one....didn't I? lol I thought it sounded fun, and I followed the instructions and selected a colour....purple, well derr! and mailed off a S.S.A.E to the person doing it. Olivia didn't know if I'd want dark or light purple, so she sent me the stuff to do either.....I couldn't let the extra fabric go to waste now, could I, so I made up both of them.

Here's the darker purple one.....and I made this one first....blind so to speak....isn't it a great idea? It's a pinwheel for when you don't need your whole pincushion, but you need to take pins out the house with you.

After making the darker one, and as I'd been sent two sets of squares to make the Pinwheel with....I made up the lighter coloured one, but this time, I added a key fob thingy and attached a pair of scissors to it....do you see the wee scissor button that I've attached as a charm?

I can definately see me making more of these as gifts. Thanks to Olivia for a fun mini challenge, and a fantastic idea.

I had originally posted these when I'd completed them, but had totally overlooked the fact, in my defence I was excited about them and wanted to show them off to anyone reading my blog, that the reveal date was today....15th February 2011....so here I sit excitingly awaiting any comments about my pinwheels.


  1. Hi Naomi, they are lovely. The mauve one looks great with the scissors. I may make another one for my little embroidery scissors to be attached to, I'm always losing the darn things. :)

  2. Nomes I love your excitement and your pin wheels :) hugs Vicki

  3. Lovely! I love that you've attached your scissors. I have to get pics of mine too.
    I've given you the Liebster Blog award on my blog today :-)

  4. Gorgeous pinwheels, Naomi .... and I love the little scissors fob. Very ingenious :D I didn't join in this swap ... and think I regret it. I may have to see if I can get the instructions from one of the girls. Hugs Terri

  5. Naomi your pinwheels came out great :) I havn't seen you on the forum for a while is everything ok. Also hope you don't mind me telling you but some of your front page of your blog is quite hard to read because of the colours. I have just started a blog this week :)
    Hugs Olivia


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