Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things that go bump in the night, and a couple of healing hearts blocks I've made

Ok, so it didn't exactly go bump in the night, but check out what Raelene just called me to look at in our mop bucket....yes, it's a's only a small one...or maybe it's a big one, I don't know, it's the first one I've ever encountered. It's sooo puzzling us how it got into the bucket....I mean, it has slippery sides and to my knowledge, they are burrowing bugs, so wouldn't/shouldn't be able to climb up the outside of a slippery bucket....oh well, another one of life's great mysteries.
Got a bit closer for this pic.....still finding it quite un-nerving that there's scorpions here....I don't mind seeing them on tv, such as in movies, but when you find one in your yard, boy, that sure races the heart beat along I can tell you!

This was as close as I could get, and get a clear pic of the scorpion. Both Raelene and I still can't work out how it got in the Since taking the pics I've read up a little on them, and YIKES, scorpions are arachnids....the hairs on the back of my neck haven't gone down since I read that....I have a fairly biggish fear of spiders, so finding out scorpions are related has done nothing for that fear now!

These are two healing heart blocks I've made for a quilt that one of the members of C-R-A-F-T is going to piece together for her daughter who has lost her house in the recent Queensland Floods. Khristina put a call out for blocks, and I managed to find the fabrics (amongst all my goodies!) to make them, hopefully the colours are ok, we got told pinks & purples and believe it or not, the top one is a bright pink, it just looks red in the pic. I'll send them off on Monday.


  1. eww. Wouldn't want to run into a scorpion. No way. Naomi, were we to use a white or cream background for the hearts. Can't remember.

  2. Scorpions! OK, even more reasons why I don't want to live over there!
    I wonder if they are really poisonous?

  3. Aaaaa! Scary... and a little gross.

    Anyway, the quilt blocks look beautiful! :D The scorpion... not so much...

  4. Eeeewwwww Yuck!! I don't like scorpions. The first time we went camping (and we had a 6 month baby with us) was to a place that had lots of scorpions. I slept in the car with the baby!!


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