Monday, October 31, 2011

Announcing the winner of the Selvedge baggy

I'm a little late with this announcement, but better late than never....I used the True Random Number generator at and he/it selected #32 (see image below), which is Jennifer Gail from Hoodies and Flip Flops. I have notified Jennifer by email and am awaiting her details now so I can send off her baggy of selvedges.

LinkPlease feel free to leave her a message here congratulating her on her win. For the rest of you, I wish I had a never ending supply of selvedges so I could share the love with you all, but my supply of selvedges relies on how much sewing I do! I have already started the next collection of them, and when the new baggy is almost full, I'll announce another giveaway for them.

Ok, back to sewing for's a chilly day here this morning....I know why it's called I can spring back into bed to keep warm!


  1. Congrats to Jennifer. Sulk sulk. Lol

  2. Congratulations Jennifer,enjoy that bag of goodies.

    happy days.


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