Monday, October 10, 2011

Decorative Fabric Basket with Tutorial

Recently, I was browsing and came across Paula's photos and in amongst them, I saw she'd made these cute baskets, which are a variation of others that I've seen (and made) and I left a comment for her, saying that I like it. Soon after, she sent me the link to her album that had the tutorial to make them. After making one, I decided I would contact her and find out if it was alright to convert her tutorial to English and publish it on my blog.....well she has been a busy bee, but today messaged me and let me know that it's ok for me to publish the tutorial right here for you all to download. Remember, I am in no way, shape or form claiming this as my only part was making the above one, translating the tutorial (ok so I tidied a few parts up that google didn't translate too well, but that's it!) into English and getting permission to share it. So, without further chit chat, if you'd like to make some Decorative Fabric Baskets for yourself, click on ANY of the words that are underlined, such as HERE!

Also, if you do make some, please leave me the link in a comment on this post so that I can check them out....I'd love to see the colour combo's you come up with. I'm going to make some in different sizes for Christmas Presents :o)

Edited: 13th October 2011.....I was alerted (thanks Kathy) to the fact that the original tutorial didn't tell you to turn the fabric through the hole you cut in the I've amended the tutorial...if you already downloaded the tutorial, you will need to download it again (sorry about that). As far as I'm aware, the above links will all direct you to the updated tutorial....I haven't tested that theory just yet, as I'm still uploading it (at the time of typing this that is!)


  1. Thanks for sharing DT1! What a great idea for a Christmas gift!

  2. Thank you for your work in translating and in making tutorial. What a great gift idea. I just printed it out today and thought what a great gift to set on my daughters desk for candy and of course that was just beginning of all kinds of ideas. I am making Christmas gifts now so this is just turning my frazzled brain inside out. Thank you again. Lois in beautiful Ohio. Fall is my favorite season.

  3. Thanks for sharing is very cute!!

  4. Naomi, you noted in Carmen's Quilts today on FB that you had made one of these baskets that Carmen had posted. Just wanted to say that I love it! I think I'll make a few for Mother's Day this weekend! Thank you for posting that you had it on your blog! Catch you soon :) Jean Marie


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