Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ding A Ling A Ling A ling

That was the sound of the alarm bell going off......lol

Click the link below to sign in for the Santa Sack/Stocking swap.  There's limited spaces to be filled, so don't delay or you could miss out.  You have to become a follower of that blog, as that's the only place that any notifications or updates will be posted this year.  I've already entered....coz I wouldn't want you all to beat me off with a stick and get my spot!

*Santa Sack Swap*: Let's BeGiN: Time has finally rolled around again this year to get the Santa Sack/Stocking Swap up and running. You will notice (swappers from last...

Hope to see you there, you'll have heaps of fun, I know I did last year, and was thoroughly spoilt by my swap partner, Annie. 


  1. It was fun to spoil you Nomes :) And remember, I did get a little spoilt back!!!

  2. thanks for alerting me to this one ;-)
    I have joined up too ;-)

  3. Great advert Naomi. Thanks! :)


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