Sunday, January 11, 2009

All's quiet on the southern front!

Good moaning!

All's quiet with people checking out my blog and signing up for the Pay It Forward...surely one of you wants a gift from me? I guess that would be the case if anyone was actually reading this, other than me as I write posts! lol If you do happen to read this, please consider doing your bit for Pay It Forward, and let's get everyone feeling it! So to speak that is.

I've seen some gorgeous quilts today and have saved some patterns I've downloaded off the net, to my USB stick and will be going to Officeworks later today to print stuff off so I can get back into making things and putting them on here for show and tell!

Cath Ü has some great ideas in the making for her Teddy Bear club...check out her blog in my list or click here and check out all her latest goodies. I'm loving the new "wotnot" boxes her and hubby have made....I don't think that's what they're calling them, but that's what I've names the boxes. Cath Ü wood burned them and then painted them...she says by hand, but I think she cheated and used a brush and paint!

Ok, well I'm off to look at some more blogs, check my emails and go to bed.

Nuh Night

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  1. HI Naomi... I have joined your Pay It Forward......
    Thanks for mentioning my Teddy Club....
    Cath Ü


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