Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finally....PETAL and her teddy are finished

Hi again,

As some of you may or may not know, I swore black and blue, that I would never ever fall, get sucked into or pushed down into the doll making vortex, but that was just a vague memory on the horizon, when I saw this talented craft-ladies pattern (Thanks very much Cath Ü! - Just remember, when it all comes down to it, it's all YOUR fault!)

The doll (my first one I've ever made) is called PETAL and she carries a small teddy bear. Now whilst I'm only a beginner, I found the pattern really easy to follow...must've coz if you do a comparison shot with the photo on Cath Ü's site and the ones I have should be able to at least tell they're similar...can't you? lol

My friend Marion also made a PETAL doll (see right) part of our "Stitchin Sisters" tuesday sewing group....she made hers for her gorgeous grand daughter Mia, who turns one today....we only finished the dolls last night! Talk about sailing close to the wind hey? lol

I helped Marion out with the faces on both PETAL and her teddy....even managed to do the nose on pinky bear better than I did mine....doh! Still, mine was done first, so by the time I got around to doing the nose on her bear...I was an experienced doll/bear maker! lol NOT

Alot of laughs and squeals (everytime, and believe me it happened lots and lots over the last few weeks - everytime Marion stabbed herself with pins or needles making PETAL and teddy) were had by us when we were making our PETALS up.

If you've never thought of having a group sewing session with your friends, I suggest you round a few up, buy Cath Ü's pattern (here) and all make one, it'll be fun, I promise you.

I think Ms Purple PETAL has modesty issues, as she has underwear on, but still feels the need to cross her legs whenever she can...which she shouldn't coz it's already turned her legs purple where she's cut of the circulation!

Anyhow, I'd really appreciate feedback on how you think I went for my first attempt at doll onto my 2nd one....for the Annie Swap, see below....although you're too late to sign up now, alas.


Here's a shot of the two PETAL's together.....don't they look cute? I did slightly different mouths on the PETAL dolls, which do you prefer? Pinky or Purply's mouth?


  1. way to go you two, brilliant job, you are way into the vortex going back, its all over rover....... they look so cool cath will just love them

  2. Both you girls have done a fantastic job on your dolls...... I love them and I am proud of how you both have handled my pattern, seeing as it is the first time for both of you.....I am glad you chose one of my patterns as they are easy to follow and this proves it........
    keep up the good work... I expect to see a lot more dolls from both of you.....
    Cath Ü

  3. Well done Girls!!...fantastic job and of course our favourite colour there too LOL

    Sharon 2

  4. way to go girls....very cute and can you bring them over to my place so I can dirty them up a Khris

  5. Oh well done! Cath's patterns are great aren't they? Sooo easy to follow and do.I like both mouths - it is nice for each doll to have its own personality :)
    Jenny F

  6. Very cute dolls:) Looks like you are having fun.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today, i appreciate it.

  7. That's it - you're hooked now!! The dolls are fantastic, great job for your first doll!

  8. Oh my those are adorable.. I am sure they will be loved so much... Wonderful just wonderful ;)

  9. Haha - I was sucked down that doll making vortex myself!! They look great!

  10. Cute dolls! You gals from Adelaide are a talented bunch :) thanks for stopping by my blog!


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