Saturday, April 18, 2009

2 more Bootie/Booty bags and a RED scarf

Raelene went to NSW today to see her family...and go to her Dads surprise 75th birthday party, so SSSSSSHHHHHH don't tell him she's coming!

I decided when we booked her ticket on TUESDAY, yes, you read right, 3 days ago! that I would make a gift for her daughters, so out came the denim jeans/skirts and the final product was these two bags....they're both totally different from each other....what do you think of them?

The little spots you can see, especially down in the stripey part of this bag, are actually glued on bling! This originally was a skirt, but not anymore! lol

I think the belt should've been a little bit wider, but because it's only a relatively small bag, thought a thinner one went best, so that's what it got.

This next pic is of the other bag, which has an unusual front pocket detail, it's where all the buttons are.

Once again, it could probably have done with a better belt/sash, but with the time constraints...I only finished them last night! figured that this was better than nothing.

The other thing I made for a present, was a red feathers (well not the real feathers yarn, but the knock off version - Spotlight Flurry to be precise) scarf. I know one person in particular who was dying to get their hot little hands on this....pity I know she can knit...otherwise I would've made her one! (Bad luck boss!)

Anyway, I'm part way through making another PETAL doll for our next door neighbour...she has ordered one for her Mum for Mothers Day, so apart from a trip to Spotlight and the Post Office tomorrow (Saturday) you will all know what I'll be busy doing....I've sewn the body up so far, have to stuff it yet though...then it'll be clothes, petals and her teddy and pic to put on the net...oh wait, can't do that as I sent our camera away to NSW with Raelene! Derr Naomi...must be sleepy hey?

Alrighty, hope everyone has enjoyed reading my latest dribble. I'm now off to bed, so I can hopefully make an early start on all my chores....when I finally wake up.



  1. Just stopped by your blog- your bags look super! Love the one with the button front.

  2. thanks for coming in my blog!!the pattern is made by me!!i had a little photo and i did it!!have a nice day and god bless your little nephew!!

  3. wheres my purple one then huh huh.......LOL

  4. Hello Naomi, excuse the delay in answering you !:-(( This term commitments are not present on the internet!
    Thank you very much for visiting and yes, I did the kitten I !!:-))) I watched your blog and you do all the compliments! I like! I'm helping with a translator because I do not remember very well the English! Come back 'find you in the future! Kisses and greetings from Rosi (Italy)XOXO


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