Monday, April 6, 2009

How dorky do I feel?

Well, at this precise moment in the day, VERY. I just spent a whole ten minutes trying to put a link in my sidebar to another persons' blog, who's having a giveaway...when I went back to her blog to obtain my 'extra' entries for linking to her giveaway over that the giveaway has closed....still, I guess I at least learned a new to remember it for next time...and for taking that one down! lol I might wait to remove it till I make sure the giveaway deadline has passed for sure.

Yesterday I was at my friend Khris's house and we were both working on our Annie dolls for our swap, see the post about it here or here. I def, def, def, definitely ain't a prim girl! Having said that though, I'll love the one I get from Vickie, just coz it's something someone's made for me, I just doubt I'll ever throw my name on the list for anything as grungy again!

Well, best I get back to the sewing machine instead of sitting here making myself sound like a bigger dork than I am.



  1. Still time to enter ...ALL this week!! YEAH!!!

    thanks for the kind words

    blessings shelia :)

  2. I quickly went back and put when the giveaway ends...thanks so much...i'm new at this blogging thing too...It took me days and 3 peoples help to figure out the button LOL :)


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