Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tea Wallets

Some of you may have heard my rantings about press studs and tea wallets lately.....well, here's a selection of the ones I've been making. The 5 at the front are for one of my sewing teachers at school....she supplied the fabric as she wanted 5 the same with sunflowers on for a group she's in...some of the members are going overseas soon, and she thought these would be great to give everyone as a little gift to remember each other by.

The rest are to give another teacher a selection to choose from, as she also wants 5. Last year I sold her an Elvis bag which she bought for her sister....and if you peer hard enough at this pic, you can see, half hidden 2nd from left on the back row, an Elvis tea if you're guessing that ones for her sister...then you'd be right...hopefully her sister doesn't happen to stumble across my blog (yeah right, like I'm famous or something!) and see it!

Here's another pic with one of the sunflower ones opened up, with the tea bags sitting in their slot. It's a little hard to tell from that pic, but there's
3 different shades of yellow on the inside....on all
the other tea wallets, I now put one pocket matching the lining fabric and one that matches the outer fabric.

Now onto my other goof up with the tea wallets/business card holders....I kinda made a miscalculation with the business card holders, and
had Raelene cut out lots (and I'm talking about 40 - 50 of the suckers!) of matching sets, so there's business card holders and tea wallets to match....but now the business card holders are all cut out 1" too small, so they're no good....luckily for me, I can turn them into coin purses...stay tuned as I'm making one of them up for a customer today, and will post pics when I'm done.


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  1. tea!!! of my favorite things and these tea wallets are adorable..i have not seen ones with the snap..really cute. I love your work!


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