Sunday, February 26, 2012

18 blocks ready to mail off for AHQ

Late last night, ok, you got me, it was more than likely the early hours of this morning, I started cutting into some of my birthday fabric to make some quick and easy 9 patch blocks for Aussie Hero Quilts as the deadline to get them in for the first mail off for the year is 29th Feb. I ended up with enough cut out to make 18 blocks.

I couldn't put them all up on my mobile design wall (thanks for the idea for one Diana) so had to take pics in two lots. Don't inspect them too closely....I got told the other day, that the Quilt Police are an urban myth started by pedantic picky particular (!) people to annoy those less fussy, like me...SO, I overlooked any boo boos as they're only slight and wont be so bad unless you line all the 'bad' ones up together in a quilt (Please note that Jan-Maree!)

If you'd like to get involved with helping Jan-Maree and her AHQ Angels, then please click here to find out what you can do to help.....remember our Soldiers are overseas doing their job for us...doesn't hurt to do a little to let them know we appreciate what they're doing and that people back home care.


  1. Love your blocks, and a great contribution, well done, and they look lovely.

  2. Great blocks and rest assured there are no quilt police allowed anywhere near Aussie Hero Quilts - or me for that matter.


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