Friday, February 24, 2012

Some birthday pressies, Valentines Swap & winnings

Look at all the uber cute pressies I got in one of the Valentines Swaps I went into. You're not supposed to notice that it's an empty chocolate bar wrapper, but OMG that was soooooooo was made in Finland, and I made sure it's "Finnish-ed" lol Did you however notice the owl in the knitted cloth? Below I've put a close up of the owl....cute huh?
Then, along with all of the above, Carin also had snuck in a little something for my birthday....wasn't that sweet of her? Thanks heaps Carin.
Being that it arrived a few days before my birthday, I was a good girl, and put it to one side to wait until 22nd February to open it.
And above is what it hooty cute is it? I've made keyrings with this size owl before, but never had I thought of putting them onto a pincushion......thank you so much Carin xx
My friend from Adelaide, Yvonne (no blog), sent me a pressie too....when I opened the box, I was met by Annie Have-A-Chat owl in the above pic....oh and a bag of assorted buttons, which I forgot to take a pic of before I put them in their respective coloured button jars! Thanks heaps Yvonne.
Then, Sharina, who from now on will just be referred to on my blog as Polly! got me the above haul of goodliness for my birthday. Her daughter Kaitlyn, found the owl fabrics, so thanks Kaitlyn. But don't check out the close up of the fabric below just yet, make sure you check out the uber cute owl Polly made just for me....hoot hoot hooray, another owl to add to my collection!
Ok, you can check out the fabric now!
In addition to all the above goodies, Polly also got me the plastic container and the owl cute are the faces on those owlets??? Thanks Polly (and how rude of me, thanks Mr B too)....I love it all.

I'm sure that I have other stuff to share....but at the moment, I can't for the life of me find any new pics, so I'll post as I find stuff.

Oh wait, I do have something else to share with you. I got a package today, and initially I couldn't think why I was getting such a bit stash of pressies in a swap....but then idiot me, remembered I'd won a giveaway from Ida, see here for pics of what I got today. Thanks so much Ida, and even though it took me a moment, I did remember where the goodies were from!

Now whilst you go check out what I won, check out her post here, which is her latest giveaway....dare I be cheeky and enter it too? You know I'm going to already don't you? lol Y'all know me so well! You have until March 1st to enter it.

I also got a $30 Spotlight gift card....another owl one, so that's two in my collection now....maybe I'll use them for props whenever I make business card holders or wallets! (Thanks to Marion & Grant for that)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Nomesie....hope you had a wonderful day. Lots of gorgeous pressies!

  2. Love the owl pincushion! Is there a pattern available for the owls Naomi?Hugs Val

  3. Wow what a wonderful and cute owl pinkeep... cute cute cute :O)


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