Friday, February 3, 2012

Surprise package in the mail from over the ditch & Blogger update

Oh my gosh, look at all the lovely goodies that came in the mail to me yesterday. Purple fabric and something hooty, be still my beating heart! My friend Cat, from NZ, (according to the card) had been going through her sewing room and found some purple fabrics which she thought I could put to betcha I can *smiles* Thank you so much hun, I love it all....and out of all of them, I only had one of them....which is quite surprising really....but stay tuned to see what I make with them!

On a completely different note, have any other Aussie Blogspot bloggers' noticed that the address has changed on your blog???? We now seem to have .au at the end....go on, tell me it happened months ago, and I'm only just noticing it now! lol However, I just went to Cats' blog to get the correct address to put in the link above, and even though I know where she's at, it also says .au at the end....maybe Blogspot doesn't recognise that NZ isn't part of AU perhaps???


  1. isnt cat thoughtful! shes a a sweetie ..hmm i only just seen that too after reading that you noticed it well there you go blogger changing again bahahahaha

  2. what a lovely gift. I only just noticed my blog address with an au on it this morning - odd - could have been there for awhile though.

  3. Naomi i have only just noticed the au also after you said.

  4. And when I look at your blog it says

    so when did you move to NZ

  5. I noticed that the other day when I clicked on a link on my own blog to an American blog... I thought I'd made a typo but no, blogger seems to have put a redirect on the .com links then because I certainly didn't type it that way in the original hyperlink :)

  6. Lovely gifts!
    As for the address, I noticed the .au the other day on lots of blogs from Oz.
    Mine has changed from .com to I just checked!


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