Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blocks for Aussie Hero Quilts

As you may have noticed, I'm extremely honoured to be a "Friend of Aussie Hero Quilts" and wherever I can, I do my bit to help Jan-Maree out.  Recently I took over shared responsibility of the BOM along with Kylie K from QLD.  August was our first month, and after Kylie and I decided we'd take it in turns, I drew the short straw and got to do the first one, I did a tutorial for a Twisted Ribbon Block.  Here's the six I made and have now mailed off to Jan-Maree.

Also, Jan-Maree had put a request on the AHQ Blog for blocks to be made for the family of fallen hero, Sgt Diddams.  Of course I had to make some, and here's the fruits of my labour....what a funny saying that is, labour to me implies work or hard graft, and I don't consider any of my involvement with AHQ as either of those things, it's more like fun and gratuitous sewing to boot.  Anyway, I digress, here's the blocks I made for the family of Sgt Diddams.

 This one is for his sons quilt.
 This one is for his daughters quilt.
 This is for his wifes quilt.
This is for his parents quilt.

If you have time, please go check out the Aussie Hero Blog, and if you have some spare fabric, can sew, or just want to make a donation of cash or pre-paid mailing satchels, then please contact Jan-Maree, you can email her by clicking HERE or there's several ways to contact her over on the blog.

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