Friday, August 24, 2012

OMG, check these blocks out

A short while ago, I started a group up on Facebook called Orphan blocks for Aussie Heroes, to give people somewhere to send any stray/orphan quilt blocks they had laying around, and would like to see put to good use.

In the last couple of days I received 2 large yellow envelopes, and a 3kg pre-paid satchel, all containing gorgeous blocks to be used on quilts for Aussie Heroes.

Coral P sent me the following blocks:

Here's a close up of a couple of the blocks:

 Now for some more from Coral:

And last but not least, the last few from Coral:

Then we have the pics of the contents of the 3kg satchel:

Lots of possibilities with that bunch hey?  Ok, then there were a few spares of the plain fabrics from the above pic

Next we have lots more gorgeous blocks...can definately see a few star quilts being produced from the two lots of donations, can't you?

Don't ya just love the coffee/tea pot and tea cup in the bottom right corner of that last pic?

See the far left pinwheel?  Nah don't squint, it's ok, I took a close up so you can see the gorgeous print that looks plain yellow in the above pic....check it out below
It's like the road signs on our highways in Australia....such as Koalas for the next 4km's or whatever!  Cute hey?
Look at all that Bliss....there's one more block of it, top left corner, two pics up from this one, so there's 10 blocks in all....can see a gorgeous quilt for a 'girly girl' Aussie Hero, can't you?

Thank you so much to Caroline and Coral for all the wonderful blocks....stay tuned to see what I make or get made (if anyone local wants to help piece some quilts I'm more than happy to share blocks with you) from them.


  1. Amazing quilt blocks. My favourite is the coffee cup and teapot one. Would love one of those for my kitchen. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them. Such generosity for a good cause. Thanks Naomi.

  2. How gorgeous are those blocks, and from gorgeous girls too I'm sure.


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