Saturday, September 7, 2013

F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap 2013 Show and Tell

As I might have mentioned, I enjoy entering Khristina's F-R-I-E-N-D-S swaps, and this year saw me being paired up with a lovely lady, Marc (Her blog can be viewed by clicking HERE), from a town 8km's away from my house....and we've had a couple of lunch dates in the last couple of weeks, and now on Saturdays, Marc is able to attend my quilting group in Barmera, so it gives her an outing on the weekends where she gets to intermingle with other 'crazy crafters', and spend some time doing uninterruptable crafting :-)

Anywhoooo, last Thursday, Marc and I met up for lunch to swap our Friends's what I gave her (I'm saving mine to show you should always save the best till last).

All wrapped and ready (yes I know I already shared a pic of them, but I like how hers look lol)

So, for F, I gave her:

F - Fabric tote bag, in her favourite type of colours.  The tutorial that the bag is mostly fashioned after (I made some adjustments!) can be found here.  The pattern doesn't have an inside pocket being that it's made QAYG, and it has raw seams inside, which are a pet hate, so I lined mine, which meant I could add a pocket.

R - Runner, also done in fabric colours she likes (at least I hope she does lol)  The tutorial for the runner can be found here and a link just for the block is here.

I - Iron caddy & travel I actually purchased a pattern to make the caddy a while back, but there's a very similar one for free here, with a pdf download near the bottom of the page.

E - (Boring and unimaginable, yet yummy at the same time!) Edibles....some choccies to give Marc sustenance when doing big quilting jobs or large stitcheries.

N - Nifty Needlecase and notions.....if you want to make yourself a needlecase like this, then click here.

D - Drinking Chocolate, Drinking Mug and Mug Marc has her favourite hot drink to bring along to quilting or when she goes to any workshops

S - Sewing pouch made with Scissors fabric and something to keep her hands soft (ie hand cream) which I forgot to take a pic of.

For some reason, Marc felt her FRIENDS swap gifts were inadequate, and today she gave me another bag of goodies, to make up for it....even though I'd told her not to.  First here's the lovely gift ribboned box she arrived with to our swap over lunch.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of the white bit you see peeking out under the ribbon.....I'd never thought of printing off the badge/button that Khristina uses for the swap each year....good thinking Marc.

Now here's what was inside the box....all these pressies, and woo hoo, they were ALL mine *grins*

See how she even used the swap button as the tags for the clever...guess who'll be stealing that idea next year? lol

 F - Folder, Free patterns and Fruchocs
R - Red ribbon, rose fabrics and a Rosalie Quinlan Pattern (it's a wee ladybug bag and pincushion)
I - Inspiration Bag...check out the stitchery she did on it below this list
E - Embroideries, DMC threads (3) and a folder to keep them in
N - Notebooks all with owls on and some note keeper pegs, also with owls on
D - Drink mug with the owl & a pussycat and a matching mug rug that she stitched on it....and how cool is it that the fabric she used on the mug rug match the colours of the mug too?  (I put a close up of the stitchery she did below) also, some Dark chocolate tim tams
S - Sewing bag and snake lollies

So, am I spoilt or what?  I think so.  BUT wait, there's at quilting, she rocked up and presented me with the following bag of goodies.

Some gorgeous owl fabrics in two different colour ways, two owl cards, an owl fridge magnet, a very cute owl badge she made me and a label on the bag that says (if it's too hard to read in the pic) Thank you for making me feel so special.  Marc, my new friend, you are more than welcome hunnybun.

Now, in my quest to get to know her, I actually read Marc's blog, all the way back to her first post...and I happened to notice that it's her birthday on 12th Sept, so next Friday, myself and my bestie Terri are going to one of our local golf clubs for lunch to celebrate Marc's birthday....and yes, Marc will be there too lol  I just realised that it sounded like she wasn't coming along hee hee hee


  1. Well you guys had a wonderful swap...well done girls...hugs Khris

  2. Wow what a fabulous swap and how wonderful you live so close to each other. Fantastic!


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