Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Show 'N' Tell

As I mentioned yesterday, I might have been AWOL, but I have been sewing, so today I thought I would share some brag photos of some of the things I've sewn.

The above are some of the quilt tops both myself, my bestie Terri and my next door stalker have put together for Aussie Hero Quilt recipients from BOM's sent from all over Australia, however the top one was some orphan blocks that were sent to me to use for the Aussie Hero quilts....sorry I can't remember who sent them, so thank you Ms Anonymous!

Last month it was Terri's birthday and as she and I have had a bit of a cup cake thing happening....I made her some cupcakes....the food colouring was rose pink, and I wanted darkish pink, so I added a fair bit of colouring to the frosting.....ooops, my bad, they were a nice shade of fluro pink in the end...hee hee hee, but thankfully she didn't mind!

I also made her a sign for her craft room door....I got the idea online, and when I find the tutorial again, I'll share the link with you all.  Basically you paint onto the photo frame glass, in reverse, then you put fabric behind it....and as she's now an owl lover like me I did an owl theme for her sign....can't think who would've encouraged that can you? *looking innocently around my shoulders*

I also got her a purple (both of us's favourite colour) fat quarter storage bag and an owl chest....when I went back to get me one, they'd sold out grrrrrrrrrr

Oh and I wrapped the chest up in owl fabric :-)

Next I made myself a mega card holder wallet from this tutorial.  I nearly have it filled up already, and have been using it to death....might make a couple of these for Christmas pressies.

I also made myself a matching USB stick wallet, but haven't taken pics of that yet, as I'm planning on making another and doing a tutorial for it at the same time....stay tuned.

For ages I've been wanting to make a jigsaw quilt, and whilst I was MIA, that day came....ok so it's still just a flimsy, but only until I find the right backing fabric for it...then it'll be quilted....by me!  Yep, I'm getting the hang of this quilting lark lol  (Necessity or rather poverty is a great motivator!)

I'll post another pic when it's finished...the pieces should stand out more then.
Till next time, keep smilin' and stitchin'


  1. lovely work on the AHQs ;-) Love your mega card holder too - another item on the To Do List :)

  2. Wow someone has be busy....maybe MIA for a few months in blogland ,but not MIA with the work load.... love the jigsaw quilt has the wow factor

  3. Oh my gosh, you have been very busy, and very productive, and very creative!


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