Saturday, September 21, 2013

Owly purchases

Hi again, remember yesterday I mentioned some owly purchases I made....well I said I'd share pics of them with you, and here I am, actually carrying through with that promise (ok, so I actually wrote the post yesterday and scheduled it to post automatically...but that's cool to do right?  I call it being constructive with my time management!)

An owl pop up laundry hamper, but I'm going to use it for the larger scraps/offcuts in my sewing area.....then when it's full, I'll take a break from sewing, get out the Go Baby! and have a blast filling up my containers below!
 Owl containers....even the lids have owls on them....gonna get me a few more of these hopefully....this size is perfect for those times when I try and get organised, and I'll keep scraps in them, but not just any scraps...these'll be in sizes, such as 3" squares etc....wish me luck!

Have a look at the cute hooks for the shower curtain...cute huh?  It's all so bright and cheerful, and the plus side was all the above cost $30 which isn't bad if you say it quick enough lol  I got all the above items from The Reject Shop.


  1. Love your owl things, so cute!

  2. I too love owls and did see those boxes the other day. I think I will need to look for the shower curtain hooks. WEll spotted and well purchased!

  3. AWESOME owl stuff. I've seen those containers too... only I didn't get any, even though I really wanted too.

  4. Quite brilliant! Love them! Our local reject shop has the containers, not with owls on them but pencils. They do not have any accessories that match though. A Great find!


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