Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Show & Tell for March '09

Hi De Hi campers, readers, friends and anyone else reading this....I've been a busy (-ish) girl lately....I may not have been online chatting, emailing or blogging much, but I have done some sewing, I've also had a couple of painful days with my cruddy back, but we won't go there.

I've made a few things over the last month, and on instructions from Sharon-NZ here's some pics of what I've been making.

Ok, first up, I found a cute pattern for a boxy bag tutorial and adjusting it to a slightly different size and self quilting the fabric myself, I came up with this little rainbow thinking of giving it to my Mum for Easter, but that may change! Nothing in my life is actually set in concrete till it actually happens....hee hee hee

Then we have two cute little curved zippered purses, tutorial for those is currently lost on my puter somewhere....must tidy it up one of these days.....yeah right, like all the other things I want to get done in my spare time! Stop waffling Naomi, show the pictures...ok, ok put your hair back on! Here they are.....Now how cute are they?

They're actually a little longer than I'd like them to be for coin purses, so am going to try again but now make them quite as high....hard to find $2 down the bottom if it was full of cash...mind you, I don't have that problem.....very often, actually, no I never have that problem....gotta try and not spend so much and I might get to experience that problem one day!

Oh my gosh, aren't these flowers glorious? They were given to me by a friend, Grant, out of his garden....they're Dahlias, Gerberas and Roses....all in pinks and delightful...thanks Grant.

I attend an adult campus (P.W.A.C) locally and one of the classes is a sewing one....a fellow student told me how to make a Chenille bag...basically she told me how many pieces of fabric and what size and how far apart to sew lines...and I went home and tah-dah, I made this bag for me...It's got great appeal to it I think, and when I make another one, I'm even going to have a go at chenilling the handles somehow....keep checking back to see if I've successfully done it or not!

I haven't got one of the slasher/cutter thingamebobbywotsits, so had to cut each line between the stitching with scissors, but thankfully I don't have arthritis, so managed it with relative ease.

After you've made the bag, you wash it (and tumble dry it if you have one.....I don't really like them, as air is free in comparison to running the dryer and I have a clothes line that is useable, so that's what we do!) and it gets the shaggy/chenille look to it. I forgot to take a before shot, so this one is after one wash...imagine how cool it'll look after a few washes.

I do have something else to show you, but I'm so proud of myself that I'm going to give it a separate posting.

Keep smiling and happy crafting.
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  1. well I am glad someone listens to me LOL LOL...... they are all brilliant love the chenille one, maybe give it a bit of a brushing as well to get it a bit more fluffed up


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