Friday, April 17, 2009

My grand daughter

I believe I've made a few mentions of my DGD TaShie, at one time or another, but haven't really posted any pics of this is one I took within the last two weeks when she came for a visit...she's eating some Zig Zag Twisties, out of a bowl....with, get this.....a spork! you know, one of those bbq cutlery items that isn't totally a spoon and isn't totally a fork? Yeah, I knew you would. Anyhow, here's her pic, isn't she gorgeous? Of course, I would think that, I'm SOOOOO biased when it comes to her. For those wondering, she is 1/4 caste West Indian which is where she gets her brown (ringlet curls starting up - thankfully not afro curls like her momma - Hayley's hated them all her life) hair and big baby brown eyes.

Telling us that she's not going to spill them.....but she did!

To the right, is my gorgeous daughter, Hayley, and of course darling little TaShie. Not only did Hayley steal my good looks and left me with none, she also stole my skinny body and threw all her fat to my rounded body!

You don't know how many attempts I had at trying to get them both looking at the camera at the same time, and both smile....this was as good as it got!

See the corner of the table they're sitting at....we painted over the original wooded varnished colour (after sanding it back) and I got this great pinky/lilac paint called "CHICK FLICK". . . isn't it lovely? I think it is, but just wonder what the paint mixers were thinking....threw some colours together and stirred it up, and said "this one looks like a chick flick"???? Stuffed if I know, but it looks nicer in person than in the pic.



  1. she is gorgeous!!! i'm sure she gets alot of that from YOU :)

  2. Your daughter and grandaughter are both beautiful Naomi!!

  3. they are both beautiful indeed Naomi

  4. gorgeous girls Naomi..hugs Khris


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