Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giveaways time....all finish before Christmas '09

Here's a couple that I've come across this morning.......the first one I couldn't find a direct link to, however if you use Google translate, you need to translate from Norwegian to whatever language you speak (and Chris H, swearing is not considered a language...well not to Google anyway! Sorry mate)

Housewife blog is having a 6 month anniversary to blogging sure to pop over and wish her a happy 6 month birthday and enter her giveaway, just click on the photo below.

This is another one you'll need to use Google translate for, unless you speak fluent Norwegian...which I don't alas. Check out the pincushion and great tin you can possibly win, aren't they too cute. You know the on the photo below to be whisked away to her blog to enter. Good luck.

Ryan Walsh, over at "I'm just a guy who quilts" is also hosting a giveaway. Simple enough to enter....and no google translate needed for this one! Check out the pic for what you could win, and click on it to go to the giveaway post.....Good luck.

Unless I find some more later on, that's it for today.....good luck if you enter any of the giveaways I've mentioned.


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  1. Pfffffft!!!!! As if I WOULD SWEAR! Me? Never... I'm sure. ha ha ha!
    I seem to be getting a reputation... don't know why.


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