Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I think I designed a flower, all by myself!

I may be wrong....coz there's only so many different ways to make anything, but I was trying out the way I made flowers again last night....with a square folded over into a triangle and you gather along the open edges of the triangle....and whilst chatting with the Stitching Sisters, started folding one of the triangles a bit, and then next thing I knew, I'd sewn up a double layer flower with petals a bit like those on a water lilly or ground cactus (not sure what type, but that's what Raelene and Marion said they were like!). So, without any further dribble from me, here's pics of the finished flowers.

Now for individual shots, in the order I made them.

This one is a more flimsy fabric than the brightly coloured one.

This one I did actually sew it together as two separate flowers, whereas the first one I just kept adding the 2nd row of petals to the first.

I haven't decided if they'll be used as brooches or magnets yet, but that can be decided as time progresses.

If enough people are interested, and let me know, I'll try and do a tutorial on how I made the double petal folded flowers for you.....I'm going to make some up and pop them on the blog for sale for those that neither have the craft skills or time to make some of their own. So if you would like to purchase some from me, email me and let me know your colour preference and I'll see if I can accomodate your request.

As usual, all c&c's are most welcome, and if you happen to know of someone who's already put together a tutorial for this method, please let me know.....although I can honestly say I didn't use anyone else's tute or pattern for these 2 flowers.



  1. I am liking these! Where's the tute!

  2. I love your full flower Naomi. Very nice!

  3. adorable flowers! They'd look just as cute attached to one of your fabulous bags too!

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  4. Looking good Naomi .. love them :o))
    Sharon 2

  5. I love your adorable flowers, they would look good as a pin for your clotes as well as a handbag. Love and Hugs

  6. I'm all for the tute! I don't think I have seen fabric flowers quite like these and its refreshing to see some with a little difference.


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