Monday, April 5, 2010

Another finish, an owlie this time though!

A friend of mine had made Kikkie whilst staying at her sisters house, and knowing I like owls, she bought it round to show me.....hers is very similar to the original, and straight away I knew I wanted to make one....but 'cute' it up....which I think I've just about managed, what do you think? Kikkie is a pattern that was in the Australian Handmade magazine last year sometime (I think). I need to learn to read the instructions though, as I was supposed to make Kikkie using the template method, which I did in places, but didn't with the body, and mine ended up smaller than Sues (the friend)....oh well, this can be my 'mock up' one, and the next one will be the real deal...hee hee hee I'd also like to make a similar one, but much bigger as like a cuddle stay tuned!

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  1. cute owl Iam starting to get a lot of affection for owls

  2. Oh myyyyy....what looongggg legs you have...lmao
    Hugs Khris

  3. hmm that looks familiar LOL....good job and the eyes are not bad eh..... brighter legs girl brighter legs .....

  4. Owlie looks cute! And now I understand what you meant about "shelf sitter". I am a slow learner lol

  5. Love your owl. you are very talented. Thanks for becoming a follower of mine I am so excited. I have a give away that is ending but I will be starting another one soon. Keep posted ok?

  6. Oh, Kikkie is adorable all right.

  7. Hi to my new friend!
    I should have had you teach the class on the Gnomes Ahoy post today. Stopping by to check in and see what you have been up to. I would say Owlie is cute as a wink!


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