Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Khris has a great Tote bag tutorial on her blog

As some of you may have gathered, Khristina of SewPrimKhris, is a great inspiration to me in my crafting endeavours, and when I was at her place last Friday, I witnessed her brilliance (does it sound like I might be sucking up? You betcha!) at it's best, and she whipped up a tote bag....which wasn't made how I've seen any other bags made, and I've made lots! Either click on the photo, or where her name and blog are mentioned, to go grab her tutorial.....be sure to tell her I sent you!

I've edited this post on 30th April, coz I've just found out, Khris's tute is being gossiped about....check it out......Craftgossip has put a link up to her tutorial!



  1. You dag...but gotta luv ya!! Now I want to see yours....I bet Raelene has already got it cut out...lol...hugs Khris

  2. Thanks for the info. I took a look at Khristina's blog and found lots of other goodies.

  3. What a sweet surprise to meet Blackie as I was looking back the last couple of post. What a cutie for sure. I was busy helping a lost starving kitty in my back yard yesterday. I have a huge heart for all animals except snakes...ick. Still trying to love those, not happening in this life time!
    The bag is so cute. You both do such a great job of these!
    The sunset over at your friends was beautiful. My mom used to say, God paints so beautiful, look at the sky!


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