Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's talk about

I thought that would get your attention....roflmao Yes I do want to talk to/with you about S-E-X = Stash Enhancement Xperience.....what was that I heard? Was that the sound of someone yawning....sorry if I surprised you by talking about a different S-E-X to the norm, but occasionally I drag my butt and brain out of the gutter, and can hold a 'clean' conversation!

Anyhoo, as usual, I digress.....I've been naughty in the last couple of weeks, and have certainly enhanced my supplies.....bad Naomi bad Naomi.....but it has only just dawned on me just now, as to why.....I seem to have the need for fabric therapy when something's upsetting me...and because Mother's Day is looming, and it's my first one without my Mad Old Mum, MOM for short! I believe that's why I've felt the need for fabric therapy.

I have to stop though, coz we're moving house in a couple of months....and boy oh boy are we gonna need a strong removalist team or what....there's a heck of alot of fabric to be moved...and I haven't been helping it go down at all, just add to it.

If you happen to hear me mention Ebay or Spotlight, tell me "NO" Unless my arm's will drop off without whatever it is I tell you I want to buy, tell me "NO" lol I'm hoping you're all stronger than I am, I can usually last a few weeks, even a couple of months with no purchases, and then whammo, I'm off the wagon again and I must say, it's not always pleasant to see! I go all Homer Simpson over the cruddiest fabrics, just coz!

So, in closing, I must say S-E-X has taken on a whole new meaning for y'all now hey? I am Naomi and I'm a


Definition (by me) of a S-E-X-A-H-O-L-I-C .... one who has an incessant need to buy fabric, even though they have a room or rooms full of it already! (That's me)


  1. You had me going there! S-E-X... yes I get that (ooops I mean DO THAT) a lot too!

  2. You really got my attention - thought this was going to be a really juicy post! LOL!!! I have the same problem as you... but have been making a serious effort to stop - forced rehab on myself! :o) So far, so good. I only buy new fabric when I get a special order with fabric that I don't already have! But the summer is coming up and I love to attend all those quilt shows...I ALWAYS find fabrics that I want to buy at those!



  3. Loved this. I sympathize with you. I have been trying to only buy what I need to go with what I already have. Well wish me luck with that one.

  4. I do believe you have alot of friends and company with this same "disease"--so you are not alone!!

  5. Okay have put it out time you come over you are NOT allowed to buy one single fat quarter...NOT ONE!!!!
    Hugs from your friend..Khris


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