Sunday, April 4, 2010

OMG, not sure I like this pattern!

I saw this pattern over at Robert Kaufman and thought it would look great, but not as 'busy' as the original pattern.....head on over there, and you'll see what I mean.....well after struggling with a few 'necessary adjustments' (pattern errors perhaps) and this is what I came up with. If, and I really do mean IF I ever chance making another one of these, I would make a few changes, such as not interfacing the bow at all....or if I do, only one layer of medium 'strength' not the heavy that the pattern calls for....I think that'll make the bow a bit more drapy (such a word?? lol) and natural looking....and as for the handles....don't go there....the pattern tells you to attach them to the side panel....which doesn't make for a nice finish I'd attach the handles to the front and back panels.....and yes, my outer pockets are done different to the pattern, and aren't really even, but they're certainly still, and this again is just IMHO, better than the way the original bag pattern says.

By all means try the pattern yourself and hopefully you'll have more luck than I did! I'm off to make an owl shelf sitter's hoping I do a better job of it than I did with this bag.

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  1. It still looks great despite the errors of the pattern. I like simple myself like sewing together charm squares, lining it and adding a handle and you are done!! LOL
    hugs Karen

  2. You are on a roll girl, turned out better than what you implied LOL........ nice bag - large bow though ROFLMAO

  3. Looks ok from here Nomes.
    Hugs Lois

  4. It is very cute and different. You did good!

  5. But it turned out so CUTE. I love the end result. Good job.

  6. It's a nice bag, shame it gave you so much trouble.

  7. Great bag Noami. Also great effort for making the bag when the pattern was not quite right. Regards, Nessie

  8. I think the bag looks good Naomi. It looks so soft. Pity it didn't turn out just the way you wanted it to though.


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