Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter pressie from

A couple of weeks back, just before Easter in fact, Khristina told me she'd got me a little something for Easter....and I had the guilts big time....I hadn't gotten anyone other than my DGD anything for Easter this So, yesterday, on my way to her place, I stopped of at the shops and got her a couple of "Owlie" things and headed off to see her.

When I got there, she had my pressies out on the table, and as she pushed them towards me, I noticed the owl bookmark, and smirked.....then reached into my shopping bag, and pulled out her red/orange bookmark that says Believe on it, where mine says Then I noticed she also had a newspaper wrapped item for me, and I laughingly said "wouldn't it be funny if the other pressie's we got each other matched too" and as luck would have it, they did...ROFLMAO

As you can see from the above pic, they're cute as...even if I do say so

Talking of Khris, check out this pic (see below) of a comment I left on Kelly Jacksons IHAN blog for one of her giveaways.....I reckon I suck that good, that my middle name should be Hoover, what do you think???? lmao



  1. Well you are too kind my friend...thank you for thinking of me....almost makes me teary thinking I am inspirational to somebody....I guess we can both inspire each other and kick each others butt
    Hugs Khris

    p.s. you read my mind..I was just about to blog about the

  2. Great owls you wee hoover....... LOL...

    pretty uncanny eh the pressies....

  3. It is uncanny to say the least. Two of you with one brain. Quite a connection. When I come visit.......

  4. Great minds think alike it would appear!

  5. You found some darling owls for your friend...she must have loved them!


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