Friday, July 23, 2010

200th Post not mine sorry, I missed that one!

Elizabeth is a good blog mommy and noticed/prepared/planned for her 200th post giveaway.....Me on the other hand is up to 203 posts, so sorry if you were hoping for a giveaway on here for my 200th I'll try and do a random, "just coz I can giveaway" soon. Anyhoo, getting back to Elizabeths' can win the above Abbey Bag....pincushion and thread catcher combo...great choice of fabrics she chose hey? I think so. (Just so I get the chance to digress again - I won the pattern to make these a while back, and still haven't made it....again...bad Naomi)

You need to click on the above photo if you want to enter, you can enter up to 4 times....but you need to head over to her blog by 27th July 2010. Good luck, and thanks to Elizabeth for hosting a giveaway.



  1. Naomi, how sweet are you? Thank you SO MUCH for posting about my giveaway and I love seeing my button in your sidebar. You are awesome! Good luck!

    Cheers! -E

  2. Fun post! Love your writing style! And I am headed over to that giveaway :o)


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