Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas in July - July's challenge done

As you can see, I went with Kate Spain for Moda's "It's Snowing" Christmas print for my tablerunner, which was part of the Christmas in July challenge over at Amandas' blog. When I took the photo I was half asleep, and didn't realise it was upside down.....hence why I rotated the photo to put it on here....I would take another one, but my computer is having issues at the moment, so hopefully I'll get this posted before it has another brain fart and locks up. I've worked out what might be causing it....Outlook Express....but I might be wrong.....oh well, guess I'll just have to madly back all my files and reformat and start again!


If you'd like to make the same Tablerunner, head on over to visit Happy Zombie's blog as that's where I got the tutorial from. Thanks Happy Zombie for such easy to follow instructions.

***Apology to the fabric designer***
Has anyone read the comments for this post? If so, you would've seen that Kate Spain let me know that it wasn't her charm pack design I'd used, it was actually Deb Strains' lol.......Ummm excuses could be, I had a brain fart, I've got a blonde brain, I was too lazy to walk out to where the label off the charm pack was.....I knew the surname had "AIN" at the end....so that's the excuse I'm going with........so, Deb Strain, please accept my humblest apologies for incorrectly giving credit to Kate Spain....both are wonderful designers and I truly am embarrassed that I made a fubar like I did.



  1. upside down or not, it's fabulous!!! I love it. Great job

  2. Great looking table runner and it even looks good upside down :-).

  3. Oh,. it is wonderful Naomi. Really lovely.

  4. Very Christmassy! I love it! and thanks for the link.

  5. Looks really great Naomi! I love that pattern I used 12 Days of Christmas which is the same color pallet. I am amazed at hou much I really like the blue in with the traditional colors.
    hugs Karen

  6. Looks great whichever way you look at it

  7. I love it, Naomi - thanks for letting me know! Yours is my fave runner - love, love, love it with Kate's fabrics!

    You have made my day. My week!!
    xoxo, Monica

  8. Dear, dear, Naomi, while i am totally flattered beyond words that you think "It's Snowing" is my fabric, it's actually the beautiful work of my friend and fellow Moda designer, Deb Strain. But really what it all comes down to is you have one beautiful table runner there!! That Monica is one crafty Zombie! Way to go. hugs, kate

  9. Hello Naomi,Just love your Christmas Table Runner. Your Christmas table will be lovely and bright. Happy days.

  10. Naomi, that Christmas table runner is too adorable for words! And I love those fabrics, no matter which "ain" designed them! :o) You are a hoot, my friend!




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