Friday, July 9, 2010

A quilter I am not, but I'm a much happier camper today.

WOOOO HOOOOO am doing a happy dance......the table topper is fully finished.....I didn't use expensive fabric, some was free and some was from the op/thrift shop...the only thing that wasn't in that same category, was the batting, which is just a polyester one I got from my friend Sandy. She's coming to see me on Sunday hopefully...and I'll be able to show her what I used some of the batting in. The quilting might be wonky, but it's certainly an improvement on the one I did in this post. I didn't put the pics in in reverse order this time, so please forgive me.....I have a sore head at the moment, and couldn't be bothered to work out which order I should be adding pics in.....sorry.

This was taken once I'd quilted it....As the title of this post says...."A Quilter I am not" but I am soooo much happier with this try at the D9P tutorial from here.
I took two different shots of the top once I'd finished piecing it....I think the neighbours were even happy that I was so I'd say half the suburb heard my 'yippee' once it was finished and didn't look so bad...might not be as good as stuff you make, but I'm still a NOVICE quilter/patchworker.

Woo Hoo, this one lined up SOOOOOOO much better, it was worth the extra time it took me to cut them all Please let me know what you think of it.



  1. It is very beautiful! I love the colors and how you have combined.

  2. YAY!!! It looks very good....I think you have the technique mastered now. As for the quilting, yours looks fine here but I struggle with that, too. I wish I could do better with that myself. Some people seem to do lots better at that than I do!!!

  3. Great job Naomi! You are really getting the hang of this "quilting gig"!!! LOL

  4. It looks great to me, Naomi! Bravo!

  5. Oh wow, Naomi, I think it looks GREAT! I LOVE that fabric you used... so fun! You're ahead of me... I haven't even done my first quilt yet, but I intend to try as soon as I get all of my bags out of the way! :o)

    Well done!



  6. I think you nailed it this time. Your quilt looks wonderful! I love this version of the D9P. I have the hardest time getting my sashing to line up nicely and this takes all the work out of lining everything up. Your cutting has improved tremendously.

  7. Found you! I had fun reading a bit of your blog and look forward to more!


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