Friday, July 16, 2010

What I've been making

Above is a Bootie Bag I've made to sell over on the Crafty Owl blog. It's a very roomy bag, which would hold everything a girl could want in her shoulder bag...and possibly also the proverbial kitchen sink too! I love making these bags...although you wouldn't think so, seens as though it's taken me this long to make one for sale!

Of course I had to show the butt of the Bootie Bag didn't I? lol

Unfortunately the colour of the lining doesn't quite show up so good in the pics, but it's quite a nice colour and looks great against the denim. This pic shows the inside pockets, which are 4 open topped pockets and 1 zippered pocket.

The above photo shows the embroidered detail on the back pocket of the Bootie Bag....I'd like to say I sat for hours and sewed it on....but it was already on there when I started 'altering' the skirt into a bag!

This is a tartan style/look baby blanket or knee rug. I still have to finish the fringe on the edges, but this shows the pattern I did. I love making these, but they're a little time consuming....took longer to make and thread all the chains through than it did to make the main blanket! I think it looks nice though. What do you think?



  1. Very cute bag, Naomi...I think it's so funny that those are called "Bootie Bags" but I know why they are! :o)

    I think your blanket came out lovely - I really like that red and white and it's a very nice pattern!



  2. Yippee! I get to be the first to tell you what a wonderful and trendy bag you have made!

  3. The tartan blanket is very appealing. Looks like a lot of work tho' I have no idea how you made it. Knitting? Weaving?

  4. Love the blanket, Naomi. And that is a great bag! Squared up nicely and not all saggy looking. I like how you did the handle. I hope you sell it soon. I think it might match Raelene's shoes. Maybe she'll buy it!

  5. Very cute! I have made bags out of old jeans ... years ago!

  6. Great bag and we can all make one from our out grown jeans ha! Hugs Nat

  7. I love bootie bags...I love the tablerunner is really pretty even with your fubars....


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