Sunday, April 22, 2012

2 month swap recap

As much as I do try and be a good swapper, I get so excited when I get parcels, that I rip into them, most times without taking pics of them in their wrappings....then I show any visitors I get my new haul, sometimes I even get close to posting about them on the blog by taking pics, but mostly I leave them dotted around the craft room so that I can delight in their presence whenever I want to.....I am hoping to start breaking that bad habit, and today I'm going to recap the last couple of months of swaps I've been in....and you can share in my excitement over some great gifts.

First up (not necessarily the order I got the swap in, but the order I've located them in!) was the Let's Exchange swap.  I was partnered with Sisbabestitches (no blog as such, so I won't link her up), and boy oh boy, was I spoiled brat....if you've received any emails from me lately, you may have noticed that I have a little gizmo below my signature that, surprise surprise, has an owl done in apostrophe's etc, and check out what Sisbabestitches did with it.

 See, told you I was spoilt lol  Isn't it a fantastic idea, I'd have never have thought of making it for me, let alone anyone else!
 Then check out my "Wonderings" journal and cover...and yes, I do deserve more owl....a gal can never have too much chocolate, too many diamonds OR too many owls! Hoot Hoot
This pic is to show a close up of her even, I can only hope one day to have mine so neat and even looking.  Thanks Sisbabestitches.

Moving along to #2 in the hall of fame, was the Mug Rug Swap hosted by Aunt Pitty Pat.  My partner was Maria from Thunder Bay in Canada.  Currently her blog is under construction, but as soon as she sends me the link, I'll update this post to show a link to it.  Look at all the goodies I got.  A mug rug, a seam ripper, a wee wallet and a snap happy pouch...check out the feather quilting on jealous of anyone who can do that!

 I believe the next couple of pics are the last ones I have to share with you at the moment, and it's the Fat Quarter swap.  This month I was partnered with Barb, which was quite funny as I sent to her in the Let's Exchange Journal Cover swap and mentioned to her that I had a funny feeling we would be partnered up for the FQ swap soon, and we were! We agreed to break the rules and not send what we were supposed to, which was "Brights".  Barb has requested reds or pinks and they're going to the Post Office tomorrow.  Below is what she sent me, I requested purple and didn't she do well?  I think she did.

 In addition, we were also partners in a Bookmark swap on the Craft Forum.  Bad (read lazy) me, I've stolen a pic from Barbs blog of the bookmarks she sent me, because I don't want to get off my butt and take pics of them lol

Being that it's my favourite colour, she made me two purple bookmarks.  Thanks heaps for being such a great swap partner Barb.

If you know you've sent me swap presents this year and I haven't shown them off on my blog, please send me a 'kick up the butt' email here, reminding me and I'll make sure I put pics up.  Lastly, I just want to say another big thank you to all my 'senders' I love each and every gift I receive.


  1. Wonderful swaps...and yes no one can have too many owls!

  2. I have Sisbabe for my Friends With Benefits swap thats a fun swap :)


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