Monday, April 23, 2012

Just wondering/I hate change! & Follower giveaway/pledge

I hate change just as much as the next person, but when I tried to make a post over the weekend (Saturday night to be precise) my blog editor has automatically updated and for once, I'm not going to see if I can find how to switch it back, I'll see if I can suck it and

On the plus side, the new editor shows your list of posts and next to it, shows you the stats of how many people are viewing your blog posts, presumably so you can keep track of which posts are more popular and which aren't.....but the surprising part for me, was how many views I get, I thought you'd all abandoned me because not many people are leaving comments.   This is where the just wondering part of the title comes into fruition....I'm wondering if there's a reason why not many are commenting anymore?  I know you're still reading, or someone particular post got 198 views and only 3 comments.....if it's something I've said, then please let me know, you don't have to leave a comment, you can email me here and I'll happily listen.

I want my blog to be somewhere you look forward to seeing what crazy antic I've done now, or what pretties I've been making, not somewhere you try and avoid at all costs!  Is it because of all the 'crap' you have to do on some blogs, such as word verification?  If I haven't switched that off already, I'll try and find out how to now, just in case that's why you're not leaving comments....the only other thing I can think of, is how I've set the comments up now....I believe they open in a separate window right?  I can change back so it opens in the same window if that's what y'all want????

If it sounds like I'm a desparado, then you're kind of right....I enjoy hearing from you all, and unless I miss seeing the email, I do try and answer every comment that's left for me :)

I'm in a giving mood at the moment, so have decided to have a giveaway to celebrate getting 300 followers, and yes, I do know that I don't have that many yet, but I'm getting soooo close...only 25 to go I think.  If you feel like helping me get to the big 300, please do so, but it's not a requirement of the giveaway, just that the quicker I get there, the quicker you'll have the chance to win either a patchwork gift bag like the one I made on Saturday or a wee owl.

Just in case you want a preview of the bag, here's a pic of it again:

This is an example of the owl that will be up for grabs.

If by some chance I end up getting to 350 followers, then I'll sweeten the deal, by sending both the owl and the bag and I'll use Mr Random generator to decide on a winner (when the time comes that is).

This isn't the actual giveaway post, so please don't get carried away just yet, keep an eye on the amount of followers, and the other eye out for the giveaway post and then you can enter.


  1. Hi Naomi i like to always leave comments on peoples blogs that leave comments on mine,i dont know what other people think,lovely projects you have been sewing.xx

  2. I'm dreading the moment my account gets switched over. I hate change too. I just want to do my post, read the blogs I follow and comment without having to figure out a new system every few months!

    I've noticed a similar comment trend on my blog recently. Not sure what the cause is. Maybe everyone is busy with other stuff right now?

  3. Same here Naomi. I think there are several reasons comments have dropped off and none are personal. Following too many blogsd, Pinterest, life in general.

  4. I love the Owl pillow! Is it your pattern?

  5. People drop off my blog all of the time and I think Wackywoman is is busy and well...I haven't been a good blogger lately. I may skim the blogs but not leave comments.

    I do hope you reach the desired amount. Love coming by,

  6. I sucked it up and kept the new blogger interface too... and so far so good.
    The stats are not 100$ accurate by the way.
    I have a stat counter and it shows all visits during the day.. whereas the blogger one only shows visits to that post, not to your entire blog.

  7. Hiya neighbour...I do like your post it has put some things into perspective for me. I will endeavour to put at least a hello or a smiley face just to let you know that I'm checking your blog out. Does love you and appreciate all that you have taught me and still to teach me.

    Big,big hugs
    Polly xxoo

  8. Ok, I have you on both blog rolls, I am following you and WHOOOOOO is me...well you know and I love your I will be back more lol


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