Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm all set for Bingo

A while ago, you might remember I posted about playing BINGO and there was a link so that you could make your own Bingo card....did anyone else do it? I know my next door neighbour "Polly" did, because I gave her a starter square and cajoled/convinced/persuaded/forced (strike out as necessary!) her into making a bingo card so she could play too.

Here's the explanation of what my squares represent:

If you happened to make a card, don't forget to add it to the Linky here, before Saturday 22nd April, or else you'll be too late. Don't forget to have a list of what each square represents...and please, Tonya has asked that we ensure they're one word it's either cat or kitten not kitty cat, puppy or dog and not puppy get the picture right?

There's heaps of great 'spare' buttons are at the ready to be sewn onto the squares if I'm lucky enough to mark any off.


  1. Hope this turns out to be as fun as you made it sound :)

  2. Just a wonderful Bingo Card and thank you for linking up as well as promoting.

  3. Great job on your card...enjoy the game!

  4. Got your card all logged down and ready for you to go now. You are number 66 out of at least 96. WOW!

    The fat quarters came in too. That was so kind of you. I'll blog about it tomorrow!


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