Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another make for April

Apparently, my next door neighbour (yes, we really do live next door to each other....our driveways are adjoining!), Sharina (aka Polly) seems to think I lead her astray when it comes to crafting, however, that's NOT always the case.  The other night (Saturday I think it was) she decided that she was having a night off from crafting here, and flew solo at her place instead.  She made herself a crochet hook holder, and she used this tutorial.  I'm not a HUGE felt fan, so tonight I decided to alter the original tutorial to suit my needs.

For starters, there's not a single bit of felt in sight.  I made the hook 'pages' double sided (although I'll need to re-work them next time....as some of them kind of got split into two mini skinny pockets when I sewed the pocket page into the outside casing.  I also added an elastic closure to keep it closed when I'm taking it on my travels (no, alas, I don't have any planned yet, but these days, a trip to Adelaide is travelling right??? lol)
Above shows it closed...and yes, I've already utilize the fat quarters I got from Barb in the FQ Swap the other day!  There's still a wee bit of it left, so might make myself a notebook cover and that'll fit inside the cover me thinks.
You can sort of make out the pockets on the swirly fabric, but also, inside each of the covers, there's a long pocket so I can store patterns/notes in there.  I made the middle section totally different to the felt one, and had to reverse sew the whole of that square....only once though...wasn't going to catch me out twice!  Reason I had to unpick...I'd put the pockets so that one ended up upside down and everything would've fallen out, so had to rethink the layout of them and re-do them....am happy now as they turned out ok second time around.
Already loaded with the stray hooks that were on my computer desk.
Showing off the back pocket and the back of the centre 'pages'

If you've been and had a look at the original....do you think mine is nice too????  I wish Polly had pics of hers up on her blog already, but as at 2.26am Tuesday (Sth Aussie time), she hadn't...maybe I can cajole her into doing that later today.

This Wednesday, Polly and I are off to Lake Bonney Quilting group...for our first all day session there....OMG what to take along to work on....maybe I should be doing some hexie hand work, or should I dig out a machine and maybe make something on the machine....decisions decisions decisions!


  1. I think yours is just as nice! The original had a lot of cute embroidery and appliqué, but yours uses cute fabric which is a lot less work.

  2. how clever Nomes and boy doesnt it look good in that fabric,well done.xx

  3. Love the fabrics you used.
    Such a great idea ... my mum could really use one of these ... perhaps I should make one for Mothers' Day :)


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