Monday, September 2, 2013

Just like Arnie....

I'm back....I kinda didn't realise I hadn't posted since April....but apparently, I've been MIA for just over 4 months.....did ya miss me?  Hopefully at least one person missed me????

I have been busy sewing...mainly bits and bobs for Aussie Hero Quilts, but I have made a few other things...the most recent things being for my swap partner in Khristina's annual F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap.  I was lucky enough to get partnered with someone who lives just a wee drive from this Thursday Marc and I are meeting up for lunch and to do the hand over (Pokes tongue out at the postage this time hahaha) of our swap gifts.....just to tease her, here's a pic of the pressies all wrapped up and labelled.....guilt free choccie wrapping paper!

 In a post later in the week, I'll reveal what the gifts were, but until then, just let it be said that there's only 1 that is totally bought...the rest are all partially or fully me too!!  Marc and I have already 'done lunch' and it was great meeting a swap partner, and I also introduced her to the Saturday quilting group in Barmera....which is where I spend most Wednesdays.

I can't wait to see if she likes her pressies....I sure hope she does....this is always the most nerve wracking part of a swap for me...the anticipation of whether my partner is going to be happy with my choices for her....shouldn't be so sexist...but I haven't had a male swap partner yet.....I know there's plenty of male quilters out there.....don't y'all participate in swaps????

Till next time, keep smilin' and stitching :-)


  1. I am in love with the wrapping already

  2. I wondered if you had fallen off the face of the earth!!!


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