Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm a good

Sandi from A Legacy of Stitches, is hosting a great giveaway for spring....and I signed runs from March 24th - March 28th, 2010.  It's shaping up to be a fun blog-hop with some great giveaways, but more importantly, it's giving you the opportunity to meet and greet with other fantastic bloggers that you might not normally have the chance to meet.

Yes, I know, "stop rambling and tell us what you're going to give us the opportunity to win Naomi".....well, you're just gonna have to wait, coz this isn't my official post announcing it, it's only a sneak preview....check back on March 23rd when I'll announce what I'm giving away......and I'm happy to ship internationally, so anyone can leave a comment and be in the draw.

I look forward to hearing from everyone and wish you all luck with this great giveaway.

Some of my more vigilant readers may have noticed that the Good Egg giveaway button has appeared on my sidebar, but is inactive....that's only until the giveaway starts....then I'll activate it for patient my lovelies.....for it is a virtue!



  1. Yes, but some of us were not given THAT virtue, hehehe.

    Sounds like lots of fun.


  2. I am doing it too...hope you come by

  3. I guess I need to check into this hey.

  4. Just catching up with everyone's posts and it looks like I have missed out on some fun with the "hopping down the bunny trail" gig. Oh well good luck to everyone and hopefully I can play with you all another time. lol


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