Friday, March 12, 2010

The zebra quilt revisited - sorry but I couldn't resist

How could I resist popping this pic up on the blog.....isn't Olivia gorgeous? So calm and relaxed on the quilt I made for her! I spoke to her mum last night on Facebook and she gave me permission to post the pic of her little angel on here......gotta claim those bragging rights don't I? Jodie (Olivia's mum) is so appreciative of the quilt, which is always a good thing.....hate it when you spend hours making things and the recipient never uses it, but it's not the case this time for sure.

Am off to Khris's again today....but not doing working on a couple of stitcheries for a couple of projects you're gonna just have to wait and see what I end up

Hugs and happy crafting


  1. what a beautiful little girl and a beautiful quilt...I dont blame you for bragging!!!!

  2. I love those chubby cheeks! Olivia is a beautiful cuddly baby.

    And such a distraction when I try to look at your quilt! lol

  3. What a perfect combination......

  4. Wow, Naomi, 2 cuties in one pic. She is a sweetie but I just love the quilt.


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